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Meghan started working in the entertainment industry when she realized that her mandatory high school volunteer hours could be applied to helping the local theatre put up their various productions. After graduation, having worked on a multitude of plays for her high school, her community, and in professional theatres, Meghan moved to Toronto and attended York University’s Theatre Production Program.


Upon completion of her theatre program, Meghan went to work as a CAEA Stage Manager, where she got to connect with and support actors, theatre makers, and presenters—both locally and world wide. In this time she also worked as an Assistant for the Emmy-Award winning Lisa Parasyn Casting on some of Canada’s top grossing television series, where she learned the nuance of casting and the all-consuming process of finding just what the producer is looking for.


Much like every other live entertainer, Meghan’s stage management career came to a screeching halt in 2020 and after six months of sitting on her couch watching Buffy, she found herself working at Noble Caplan Abrams, learning just how well her skills as a Stage Manager translated to a career in representation.


Meghan moved over to Ambition in early 2022 and has been thrilled by the immensely talented roster, hilarious and kind staff, and the unfailing support offered by David and Julia.

Photo Credit: Megan Vincent

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