David Ritchie

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Drama & Film from Queen’s University, David pursued his love of acting & writing. Unfortunately, he knew no one in the business and was unable to get an agent to return his calls, let alone meet with him. He soon found himself in Los Angeles. It was there David saw first hand the persistent and positive approach Hollywood agencies took with talent from all backgrounds. David returned to Toronto, determined to help others succeed in achieving their goals. He began his career working as an assistant at one of Canada’s largest literary agencies, Westwood Creative Artists. It was at WCA David learned to negotiate book to film, writer and director contracts. Looking to expand his horizons, David moved on to become an associate at another boutique agency, it was there David delved into the actor world and began building a small roster of up-and-coming talent.


In July, 2006, from the living room of his condo, David founded Ambition. The objective was, and remains to this day, to show that when clients join Ambition, they’ll have the opportunity to make significant changes in their careers. In those early years the agency had 7 clients appear in Playback Magazine’s annual “Top Ten to Watch” list, the most of any agency in Canada and over the past 10 years Ambition clients have garnered multiple DGC, WGC, GEMINI, LEO, COMEDY, CSA and daytime EMMY awards. Today, David regularly has speaking engagements at various colleges, universities and talent conferences. On a personal note, David loves negotiating, sports, trucks and spending time with his family up at his cottage.