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Julia Schneider began her career in the entertainment business at the age of 13. She worked as an actor for over 10 years, appearing in various TV series and feature films. In between stints as an actor, Julia had the opportunity to work behind the camera as an assistant to acclaimed casting director Stephanie Gorin. While working for SGC, Julia paid close attention to the thorough details involved in casting commercials, television series and feature films.


With her behind the scenes knowledge, Julia began working more diligently on expanding her knowledge of the business side of the industry. Shortly thereafter, Julia became an assistant booker in the modeling industry. She learned the ropes of what is required to manage models, deal with top photographers, and arrange “go-sees”.


Julia chose to shift her focus back to actors and in the fall of 2008, she joined Ambition as an assistant. It was obvious that Julia had the knack, skill set, and passion to work with actors, and within a short time she was promoted to the head of the commercial and print division. Now Julia heads the TV/Film department.

Photo Credit: Megan Vincent

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